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Healthy Hydrating Recipes

May 30, 2018

Blackberry + Lemon + Mint Electrolyte Drink

Yields: 4 cups


4 blackberries, fresh or frozen

½ lemon, juiced

1 mint leaf (optional)

1 Tbsp honey

⅛ tsp Himalayan pink salt

4 cups water, herbal iced tea or coconut water

Place all ingredients in a blender and set on high for 45 to 60 seconds or until fruit is completely puréed.


Add ice to a water bottle and pour electrolyte water on top to serve.


Popsicle Option:

Follow the same instructions, but add an additional tablespoon of honey, and then pour the electrolyte drink into popsicle molds and freeze overnight. 


Courtesy of Michele Olivier, Tinyurl.com/4SportsDrinks4Kids.



Coconut & Lime Sports Drink

 Yields: about 4½ cups of bolder taste for older kids


3 cups coconut water

1 cup water (or more, based on preference in strength of flavor)

½ cup freshly squeezed lime juice (lemon is also delicious)

¼ tsp Celtic sea salt or other unrefined sea salt with trace minerals

2 Tbsp raw honey or maple syrup (or more to taste)

Few drops of Concentrace minerals drops (optional)


Mix all ingredients together and store in a sealed glass container in the refrigerator for up to one week.


Adapted from a recipe courtesy of Heather Dessinger, Tinyurl.com/MoreSportsDrinks4Kids.

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