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Introduction to Medical Marijuana

Holistic health means treating the whole body, as well as the mind. Doctors usually treat patients for specific symptoms they are experiencing without taking into account the whole body and how the mind is affecting or causing the condition. Chronic pain, for example, is likely due to multiple reasons. It‘s only when the whole body is included that those reasons come to light.


Medical cannabis therapy can be misconceived and confusing because few people understand how it works, who can access it, why it’s necessary and the legalities surrounding it. The good news is, there are answers.


A variety of holistic treatments for patients, including physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, osteopathy and others are available to ease chronic pain. These modalities are offered in addition to medical cannabis therapy.


Licensed Producer

It is important to understand what a licensed producer is and why that matters. A licensed producer is an organization that is legally allowed to grow marijuana. You must have a license given by The City of Las Vegas and registration certificate from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health in order to be recognized by the government as a licensed producer.


The dispensaries that have been popping up and making the news about being shut down by police are not licensed producers.