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The Benefits of Drum Circles

December 29, 2017

What if you were told that you have the natural inborn ability to optimize your health through the power of sound and participating in drum circles? Would you be surprised to know that you don’t need to own an expensive drum and skill isn’t required? All you have to do is show up and fully participate by expressing your current feelings through the drum or percussion instrument. It’s not about performance…it’s all about participating, but intentionality is key.


There is no accurate evidence to prove when music actually began, but early indigenous tribal civilizations around the globe have all recognized that the world has a vibration and an infinite amount of different sounds. Modern-day scientists are now catching on, and are in agreement, that everything in the universe is in the state of vibration. Our bodies, the planets, and all things found in nature (such as gorillas pounding their chests and perhaps the chair you are sitting in reading this article) are in a state of sound. Music is all around us. Even before we were brought into this earth, our very first sound was our mother's heartbeat.


We live in a fast paced technological world where we are unconsciously distracted and disconnected from the true communication with others. It’s imperative to get back to basics and allow ourselves to get primal to restore our natural rhythm. The term “being of sound mind and body" comes from our bodies and mind being in a healthy state of resonance.The human body is designed to heal itself, but it does require routine maintenance. When we aren’t mindful and neglect to take care of ourselves, this is where things become unbalanced, leading to a state of dis-ease which causes us to vibrate out of harmony and ease.


We can’t fully diminish modern medicine and it’s vital role, but more times than not, medical doctors are quick to drug us when we are out of harmony. Just imagine that there is natural way to restore your rhythm and harmony simply by participating in a drum circle. The basis of sacred drumming is its noninvasive, transformative and a therapeutic healing approach.  




Drum Circles Creates a Sense of Connectedness with Others


In this modern day world we like to think we are super social beings, because we have hundreds of friends on social media. It’s actually quite the contrary, because society today is often fragmented and lacking in human interaction. More people have the option to work from home, shop online, and traditional family and community systems of support have changed dramatically taking the human equation out of routines. Drum circles provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded people at a deeper level when there is a shared experience of participating in a community setting or event.



Drumming Enhances Overall Wellness


In order to perform at our best on a daily basis, we need to actually create time to slow things down and unplug our overworked mind and bodies. Drumming induces deep states of relaxation, meditation and healing experiences.

It reduces stress, anxiety and tension, which studies have shown that, if left untreated, can lead to diseases and life threatening illnesses.


Beating the drum helps in endorphin production, which eases certain individuals that experience chronic pain or discomfort. It also aids participants to reframe and get into a mental zone where they aren’t focused on their pain, because they are too engrossed in the synchronistic rhythm of the circle.


Drumming activity strengthens the immune system, which studies have shown, not only defends you from catching a common cold, but also increases T-Cell counts, which help the body fight viruses and cancer.


It aids in releasing negative feelings and emotional blockages.

Drumming is all about intention and expressing your current emotional state on the skin of the drums. Did you experience a challenging day, because something triggered off a negative feeling prior to the drum session? Take it out on the drum and speak through it. If you can say it….you can play it. The natural phenomena of the frequency you create, combined with your pure intentions, will lead to healing.



Drumming Is Simply Fun


Yes…Drumming has way more benefits than are listed here, such as allowing your brainwaves to reach a higher consciousness, but at the end of the day, what’s really important is that drumming and participating in a drum circle is  downright fun. You just need to experience it for yourself. In the meantime, while you research a local community drum circle, just know that you are a vibratory instrument all on your own. You can spontaneously express yourself with simple homemade instruments like an empty coffee can, placing a few beans in a bottle to rattle, hitting two sticks, splashing in the tub or simply slapping your knees, chest or any body part. It’s just more intense and exciting when you share with a community of drummers. Drumming is fun for all ages and provides a great way to integrate the mind, body and spirit. Go out and share the spirit of your higher self with a community and be prepared to reap all the natural self-healing benefits.