Earth Medicine

Peaceful Transitions

Roxanne Perillo assists the dying with an alternative healing approach

Spirit of the Owl Healing Arts (SOTO) offers an alternative approach for healing on the energetic level, via phone and video chat, that will help you connect to your own power and free you to live the life you choose. Healing sessions may include shamanic healing (soul retrieval, illumination, energy extraction, spirit release), Reiki, guided meditation and relaxation healing.


“Energy healing is not limited to time or space, therefore a client does not need to be in the physical presence of the practitioner. Distant or remote healing can be a powerful experience so while I live in Wisconsin, my clients can be anywhere in the world and powerful healing can be realized,” explains Roxanne Perillo, Reiki Master and founder of Spirit of the Owl Healing Arts.


Perillo assists those dying, by helping to reduce stress and bring relaxation to assist the spirit/soul of an individual to heal. So, at the time of death, they can cross to a place of peace. “Clients often feel lighter, more free, unburdened and awakened to their healed state. They leave feeling empowered as they understand and release trauma, fear, old wounds and heavy energy that previously kept them repeating old hurtful patterns,” says Perillo.


“As I became more connected to the Earth and received healing spiritually, physically and emotionally through Reiki and shamanism,” says Perillo, “my heart knew this was the path I was to follow, my true work in this lifetime is to assist others in their healing journey.”


At Spirit Of The Owl Healing Arts, Perillo specializes in Earth medicine and Reiki, Sacred Journeys, Animal Communication, Compassionate Depossession, Tracking and Divination, Rites and Rituals, Shaman’s Mesa and leading Fire Ceremonies.


To schedule a session or for more information, call 608-449-1007, email or visit

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